Vacancy FFI : Biodiversity & Sustainable Palm Oil Officer

Fauna & Flora International promotes biodiversity conservation through mainstreaming environmental issues in agricultural practices in particular in oil palm sector and throughout selected supply chains. Fauna & Flora International works through private sector partnerships with selected companies which are committed to reduce their impact on biodiversity and improve their environmental management practices.

Scope of the Work:

The Biodiversity and Sustainable Oil Palm Officer will work closely with Kalimantan Conservation Program to oversee the assessment of high conservation value forest as well as areas suitable and not suitable for oil palm development at landscape level, socialize RSPO to stakeholders at the district level, facilitate the establishment of district and provincial roundtables, and the adoption of RSPO principles by private sector partners and local government planners. The specialist will also assist with environmental assessment of selected companies and verify the legality of current operations overlapping with critical biodiversity areas.

Detailed Description of Activities:

Under coordination of Biodiversity and Agricultural Commodity Specialist Coordinator, the BSPO Officer need to:

·         Identify and meet with key organizations who have undertaken work relating to palm oil mainly in (but not limited to) West Kalimantan (focused on Ketapang and Kapuas Hulu district) and Central Kalimantan (Murung Raya district). Conduct review of all existing materials and projects ongoing or planned relating to the sector.

·         Where information currently exists, review materials relating to land availability and land suitability for palm oil – create a map of potentially appropriate areas for new palm oil development. Document key peat land areas in project districts and document areas not suitable for palm oil production.

·         Meet with RSPO Indonesia Liaison office (Jakarta), understand RSPO initiatives in Indonesia and development strategies for Kalimantan fit into the overall RSPO initiative. Review RSPO guidelines and criteria and document key environmental and social consideration which should be considered

·         Liaise with GAPKI (the association of Indonesian oil palm producers) to develop RSPO membership in FFI project areas

·         Support facilitation of consultation workshops with private sector, government and civil society organizations companies to socialize and raise awareness  of the RSPO process and seek input on the feasibility of the proposed plan.

·         Facilitate the establishment of RSPO working groups at regional level (province/ district)

·         Undertake desk work to identify best practice models from elsewhere in Indonesia or Malaysia

·         Participate in regional RSPO meetings and present FFI’s partnership projects

·         Identify potential new private sector partners

·         To regularly document all findings in a report in addition to making presentations to the FFI team and partners on findings

Please send CV and Application letter to before 8 April 2010