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Field Officer
Volunteering for PBI Indonesia?

The PBI Indonesia Project www.pbi-indonesia.org (IP) provides protective accompaniment services and peace education activities with local groups in Indonesia upon request. PBI began working in East Timor and Indonesia in 1999 when conflicts led to invitations for a PBI presence by local groups and the National Human Rights Commission. PBI protects the work of local civil society organisations so that they can look for solutions to conflicts in their country. We do not intend to substitute for local groups, but rather to give space and support for their work. Participatory Peace Education encourages people to make new responses to conflict situations in their daily lives. The activities use the local context and explore local models for conflict transformation.
Field Officer (Volunteer)

Peace Brigades International Indonesia Project

Location: Indonesia (Jakarta or Papua)
Starting date: we are looking for a number of volunteers to be deployed to Indonesia within 1 month of the training to begin language school

Application deadline: March 15th, 2010

We are looking for people with
Strong commitment to Human Rights and Social Justice
Ability to live and work in a team, living in modest conditions
Flexibility, positive attitude and commitment to nonviolence
Ability and willingness to use consensus decision-making
Experience in work related to human rights, peace, and conflict transformation work and/or other related NGO work
Experience in political and Human Rights work, preferably outside of home country
Demonstration of emotional, mental, and psychological stability (stress and fear management)
Proficiency in English (project language) and proficiency in Indonesian (team language). Applications will be considered for people willing to learn Bahasa Indonesia before team service
Willingness to attend an intensive training/interview process which does not guarantee acceptance on the team. English language ability must be sufficient to take part in the training.

What we Offer
The PBI Indonesia Project offers an opportunity to work for 12 months (this can be extended by a further 3 months if mutually agreed) in one of the IP project teams working on "making space for peace". IP volunteers have an opportunity to work in close contact with local NGO's and communities, as well as to develop skills in networking with all levels of governmental bodies. We also offer:
Flight to Indonesia from your home country, and flight home at the end of your contract
Accommodation in a PBI field team house, food and all living expenses covered
Monthly stipend of approximately USD$150.00
4 weeks/annum paid vacation, with vacation stipend of$75/week.
Comprehensive health insurance including reimbursement for medications
Repatriation allowance of USD1392 following completion of an 12 month contract (USD1740 on completion of 15 month contract)
Subsidised Indonesian language training: volunteers pay $1500 tuition and may take as many lessons as needed to achieve the required level. This usually takes about 4 months of full time study (individual arrangements can be made for Volunteers who already have Indonesian language skills and need substantially less training).
A 9 day intensive training session prior to joining a project. (Training costs are heavily subsidised, but trainees are asked to pay a training fee (sliding scale based on income) and the travel expenses.
Interesting and enriching field experience with an international NGO

Selection process:
PBI Indonesia Project selection process involves two major steps. First, applicants need to send in application forms along with letters of reference. This is followed by an interview over skype or telephone. Second, applicants are invited to take part in the PBI Indonesia project training. Training enables applicants to see if there is a good match between PBI and their interests and skills.

Next training:
Date: May 20-28, 2010
Location: Mas Franc, Spain
The training will include a number of topics:
1. History of peace teams and nonviolent movement
2. History of PBI, Indonesia Project and PBI working methods of non-partisanship, non-interference and non-violence
3. Conflict Resolution and Non-violent communication
4. Consensus Decision-making
5. Managing Stress and Fear
6. Group Dynamics and Roles
7. Protective Accompaniment Theory
8. Conflict and Situation Analysis and Tool
9. Culture, history of conflicts and current human rights situation in Indonesia
10. Ethical Use of Privilege
11. Field Security
12. Observation Skills
13. Public Relations and Networking
14. Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law – History
15. Mental Health – Individual, Group, and that of Organizations we accompany

Following training:
Most probably November 2010 in Indonesia (deadline for applications around end of August)

In order to attend a training, applicants must complete an application, provide letters of reference, and take part in a telephone interview (forms can be downloaded at www.pbi-indonesia.org).Please note that participation in the training, which is an integral part of our volunteer selection process, does not guarantee an invitation to join the field team.

For more information about our work, organisations and the teams please visit our web-page www.pbi-indonesia.org.

PBI policy relating to anti-age discrimination for field volunteers
Age is not a barrier to working on projects. However, the need for mature and experienced volunteers is critical because the organization needs to interact with high level authorities and volunteers need to be able to assess responsibly risk and security questions in areas of crisis or conflict. Therefore volunteers are often over the age of 25.
Deadline for applications for May 20-28 training: 15th March, 2010 sent to recruiting(at)pbi-indonesia.org. For any question, please feel free to contact Human Resources PBI Indonesia at the same address.